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Are domain names really going that quickly?
Just check out the facts: In 1995, roughly 100,000 domain names were registered. Since then, over...
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How do I know if my domain name is taken? How do I go about getting my domain name or names?
To check and see if your domain name is taken, use our free Domain Name Search Tool. You can...
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How do I manage my domain name? Do I have complete control over my domain name?
For every domain you register through, you have complete control over a....
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How Do I Register a Domain Name?
Registering a domain name is very easy.First you will have to make sure that the domain you want...
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How does Privacy Protection work?
When buying a domain name you have to provide accurate contact information.This information has...
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How does the Registry confirm a CED Contact?
At the time of applying for a Domain, the CED Contact needs to provide the following additional...
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How long does a domain name registration last? Can it be renewed?
WebHostWala provides you with the ability to register and renew domain registrations in One-year...
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How long does it take to register or transfer a domain name?
It will take you just a few minutes to register a domain, but it might not be available on the...
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How much does a domain name cost?
The prices vary depending on the TLD you choose. Click Here to check our pricing.
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How to change nameserver of domain?
To change nameserver you need to login to domain control panel provided by your domain registrar...
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Is there a refund if I misspell my domain name or simply do not want it anymore?
Service is rendered the moment we register the domain name for you. The domain name registry does...
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OK, now that I got my domain name, what's next?
There are several things you can do once you've acquired a domain name. Once you've registered a...
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What are the rules for registration of .net and .org names?
They are the same as for .com traditionally, however, names in .net have been used by...
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What does it mean to register a domain name?
The Internet Domain Name System (DNS) consists of a directory, organized hierarchically, of all...
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What is .ASIA?
.ASIA is a Domain Extension sponsored by the DotAsia Organization. It is a regional domain for...
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What is a Domain Name pointer? Why might I need one?
A domain name pointer is simply a domain name that "points to" another web site. For...
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What is a Domain Name?
A domain name is a word along with a TLD that uniquely identifies your website. For Example: It...
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What is domain name parking? How much does it cost?
Because domain names are selling at such a rapid rate (over 10,000 per day!) many people choose...
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What is the OPN contact?
You need to designate one of your contacts as the Operations and Notifications Contact (OPN...
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What rules need to be followed to register a .ASIA domain name?
The domain name should consist of only letters, numbers, or hyphens ("-") The domain...
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What's in a good domain name?
A good domain name is short (1 to 3 words), easy to remember, and representative of your business.
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Who can register a .ASIA Domain Name?
Anybody! All you need to ensure is that at least one of the Domain Contacts (Registrant, Admin,...
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Why .ASIA?
The Asian Continent houses over 60% of the world's population. Furthermore, with 3 Asian...
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Why Privacy Protection?
When you enable Privacy Protection on a domain name, we replace all your publicly visible contact...
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Will my name and contact information be publicly available?
Yes. Information about who is responsible for domain names is publicly available to allow rapid...
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