Using File Manager in Cpanel

Once you are logged into cpanel, go to File Manager. It is used to upload files to your account, delete files, change file permissions and other several functions.

On left side you will see a collapsible list of folders in your account. Click on the “+” sign and select public_html. On the right side you will see list list of all the files withing selected folder on the left side. It is public_html folder where you your website files like pages, images etc should go.

For example lets consider, uploading a sample file cgi script to the cgi-bin folder in the account. Under public_html click on cgi-bin

In order to upload the file, click on upload from the top list. Click on Browse and the select the file to be uploaded. Click on the link below to go back to the File Manager screen. You will see the sample file uploaded in cgi-bin folder in the account.

Click on the sample file uploaded. There are many things you can do in File Manager. For example, Copy file, Move File, Delete, Rename, Edit and View file. It also allows you to change permission. In order to do so, click on change permission and select the boxes as shown in below image.


You will see the permission of the sample file uploaded is changed.

In order to move the file, click on the move file. Select the location where you want to move the file and click on move file. You will see the file has already move to the given location.

File Manager is the easy way to manage website files without using an FTP program.