To change WHM password

To know how to login to your WHM panel, click here.

After loging into WHM, click on Password Modification link under Account Function. The WHM password will be the same as of the CPanel password for your main account.



Assume the main account is so lets learn to change it’s password. Under Users select abc123c then enter a new password. Scroll down and click on change button.


The main password used to login to WHM and Cpanel for is successfully changed.

Since we’ve just changed the WHM password, we are required to login again before able to do anything else in WHM.

Click on List Accounts under Account Information, Enter the new WHM password and click OK.


You will be logged back in WHM.


Now you will know how to change your WHM password. Although you can change the passwords for an account in your WHM, you cannot retrieve a lost WHM password. If in case you lose it, you’ll have to contact your reseller plan provider to have it reset or changed.