Getting familiar with the WHM interface

To know how to login to your WHM panel, click here.

WHM is your resellers control panel. The purpose of WHM is to give resellers the control they need to create hosting accounts, delete them, suspend them, upgrade them, and has several other tools to help manage the accounts. Every hosting account created in WHM has its own cPanel, an end user control panel.


In this center frame there are several icons these corresponds to the heading the left frame.

Clicking on an icon will bring up sub-icons that corresponds to all the tools available on the left.


Click the Account Information icon here. Here there are 5 tools available to be used under account information. Click on the corresponding icons to access any of these tools.

You can also click on the menu link from WHM home page. You can scroll down to see the total tools available in WHM.


In News link on top, you will get news from the reseller plan provider, if they use  this feature in WHM.


In change Log link you will get detailed information of your version of WHM, and its historical information about when it was updated and what changes were made.


You should now be much more familiar with WHM, and how to navigate its pages.

How to park a domain in cPanel


Domain parking is useful when you have additional domain that you want people  to use to get to your website. For example lets say your domain name is, but you also own the domain If you park one of the domains on the other, then both will result in visitors landing on your website.

Note: Domain parking will not work if you haven’t already updated the new domain’s nameservers to point to your account’s nameservers…so be sure to do that with your registrar first.

After you have logged into your cPanel, use the parked domain feature to park an additional domain name on this account.


Click on the Parked Domains icon.



After you have clicked on the Parked Domains icon, enter the domain you want to park.


Then click Add Domain button. The domain will be parked.



If you go back, you will be able to see the parked domain listed.


You can also remove the domains that has been parked. You just have to click on the Remove link.


Then click on Yes to confirm the removal of parked domain. Then the selected parked domain will be successfully removed.


That’s it ! You can return to parked domain page and set up as many additional  parked domains as your account plan will allow.