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Main aspects while choosing between the Linux VPS or Windows VPS

While choosing the web hosting services, you must be very attentive as various hosting packages are available in the hosting marketplace which can easily confuse the website owners. Many business owners doesn’t have idea what exactly they need so they really find it difficult to choose the hosting plan. If the hosting plan resources doesn’t match the website requirement, the owners usually face poor website performance and experience down times. So to avoid such situations here is a guide stating about a VPS Server.

A virtual private server (VPS) is a physical server, partitioned into several virtual ones between a particular numbers of users. VPS is a virtual server that the user perceives as a dedicated/private server even though it is installed on a physical computer running multiple operating systems. Still the user shares CPU, bandwidth and RAM with the other users but he gets full control over his server. In Virtual Private Server you have full control of your server setup, and are responsible both for updates and security.

Features and Advantages of Linux VPS & Windows VPS.
Main aspects while choosing between Linux VPS and Windows VPS Plan.


A Linux Virtual Private Server is a VPS that runs on the Linux operating system. WebHostWala offers Linux VPS hosting service that allows the customers many of the benefits of a dedicated server at lower and affordable cost. If you want more control over the things that are installed on the server, you should go for Linux VPS Hosting. You will get enhanced security with the Linux VPS hosting service.

Advantages of Linux VPS Hosting :

– Most Affordable
– High security
– Stable operating system
– Scalable
– High Performance


Windows VPS Servers work under Windows operating system which makes them popular among plenty of website owners. There are companies which operate in a strictly Windows-only environment. They use windows documents and software to accomplish a wide number of tasks. This hosting solution is comparatively expensive as the windows platforms needs fees for installation.

Advantages of Windows VPS Hosting :

– More control over web server
– User-friendly interface
– Strong security
– Better Resource Utilization
– High scalability

There are differences between Linux and Windows VPS Hosting solutions. However when you will choose between these hosting services don’t just compare the features, know your website requirement and understand your business goals. This should help you to choose the perfect VPS hosting plan at WebHostWala.

Important Benefits of Reseller Hosting for Businesses

Reseller Hosting is a kind of web hosting service where the reseller owner purchases the resources from web hosting company and provides the web hosting services to the end users. Reseller is the mediator between web hosting company and the end users. Reseller Hosting is a great option for web designer and developers or those who are looking to start their own web hosting business.

Reseller Hosting can help you gain profit with the large margins. For those who are looking to buy Reseller Hosting India plans at comparatively cheaper prices in the market, View the web hosting India plans at WebHostWala – web hosting provider situated in Goa, India.

Benefits of Linux Reseller
Know the benefits of Linux Reseller and Sign up for the Reseller plans at budget prices.

Below are the Reseller hosting benefits :

– You can start your own business
– Needs less investments
– Easy to create the hosting packages using WHM
– Highly profitable
– Comparatively cheaper Reseller Hosting Plans
– More control over resources
– Don’t need much knowledge about managing servers

Choose the Linux Reseller Hosting Plan or Windows Reseller Hosting Plan to get started with the Reseller Hosting business.

8 factors to be considered while choosing web hosting company

It is very hard to find the web hosting provider that offers the balance between cost and specifications. However, before choosing the web hosting company here are some of the factors you must look for. These factors will help you to have an idea which web hosting plan is required for you before just investing for any web hosting services.

factors to be kept in mind while choosing web hosting company
Consider 8 factors while choosing the web hosting company

1. Cost of the plans : There are web hosting provider who charge less at the time of installing a web hosting services and later for the renewal the amount is too high. Some of them have hidden charges also. So check the plans pricing for first time and renewal time.

2. Nature of the website : Depending on the nature of the website, the requirements will differed. There will be so many services which will match your website’s requirement. So depending on the required factors, decide your web hosting plan.

3. Hosting speed : Everybody wants its website to load faster. It depends on web hosting service. Select the web hosting provider that delivers the best website speed.

4. Addon Domain : You may want to have addon domains when you grow your business. Creating addon domains while sticking to one host saves your money as you don’t have to pay multiple hosts. This is also beneficial in terms of SEO. Many web hosting providers have a limit to addon domains. So wisely choose your web hosting provider.

5. Go through Reviews : To understand the quality of the web hosting services provided by the company, go through the reviews as these will help you to greatly understand the web hosting provider. Choose the company which has good reputation and gives a huge discounts.

6. Scalability : With the growing needs of the website, the web hosting company should also be flexible enough which offers high Scalability of the web hosting plan. If you are getting good web traffic then it should be easy to upgrade your hosting plan with the same hosting company.

7. Hosting Type : You should be clear on the type of hosting you will opt for your website. There is Shared hosting which is cheap and allows many other websites to be on the same server space and Dedicated hosting in which you have the entire server space, giving you total control.

8. 24*7 Tech support : See the ways in which the company provides support to its customers. If you face any technical problems then the support team should be accessible 24*7 hours to help you with your every technical problems.

WebHostWala is one of the web hosting company which provides all the above features. It is in web hosting industry for 10+ years and provides excellent web hosting services in India and other countries in the world.

VPS Hosting India | 50% OFF on Linux & Windows VPS Hosting

WebHostWala is one of the leading web hosting provider in India which offer VPS Hosting plans suitable for small as well as medium businesses who are looking for web hosting to grow their business. The plans offered by Webhostwala are more reliable and offers high security. VPS is an isolated virtual machine on a physical server. VPS Hosting India plans helps you to take the business to the higher level.

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a segment of a larger more powerful server, of which you are allocated a portion of the resources dedicated to your own VPS/Server. As you business grow, you will need more resources for your website. VPS offers great scalability to scale your business as it grows.

Website hosted in virtual compartment are allocated independent server resources i.e RAM, CPU, Disk Space etc. Know that others websites on the machine won’t affect the performance of yours. It is like each website resides in an isolated room with sufficient resources to live with.

Linux VPS Hosting India plans are perfect for website designers and developers who build sites for their clients. Get more advanced and reliable features with Linux VPS Hosting India plans. WebHostWala offer high speed, more security and 99.9% uptime on our Linux VPS Servers. Get all the Linux VPS hosting plans at affordable rates. Compare to Windows VPS Hosting, Linux VPS plans are most opted by the users.

Get cheap Windows VPS Hosting India plans with best features to host the website. Get better uptime and faster speed with Windows VPS hosting plans. Achieve high sales and profit by purchasing Windows VPS hosting plans at the discount of 50%. Get the access to customise and upgrade with the growing website with the VPS Hosting Solutions.

Cloud Web Hosting India | Reliable & Scalable Cloud Hosting India

Cloud Hosting is one of the growing web hosting service that is used by more and more users world wide. WebHostwala is a cloud web hosting provider in India which offers reliable Cloud hosting plans at discounted and affordable prices. Cloud Hosting plans contribute in improved performance. This hosting allows providers to charge users only for resources consumed by the user. Different Cloud web hosting plans are designed keeping the customers requirement in mind to grow their business.

In Cloud, multiple servers are connected which gives high reliability as if one of the server in network stops working, it wont affect the website’s performance.When the website is stored in the Cloud hosting setting, the information is spread throughout numerous redundancies which ensures that the website always remains online.

Best Cloud Hosting plans in India
Cloud Web Hosting India

Best ever, scalable, user-friendly Cloud hosting India plans at budget prices with all the advanced features. Benefits of signing for Cloud hosting plans are :

1. Low cost : Compared to other hosting solutions, Cloud Hosting plans are available at lower cost. You will be charged for whatever resources you use.
2. Reliable hosting :  Cloud hosting is more reliable than shared hosting and the performance of one website is not affected because of other.
3. Resources : Get more server resources, unlimited storage, data transfer to ensure high performance of the website.
4. Accessibility : The stored files can be accessed from anywhere provided you have Internet connection.
5. Performance : Multiple servers connected on Cloud, make sure your website is always up and deliver high level performance.
6. Scalability : Get more resources if your website outgrow resources limit. You can expand or reduce servers in seconds to ensure that the server keeps up with demand.
7. Excellent Support : Get 24/7 technical support to resolve every queries and technical issues.

Linux v/s Windows Hosting

When you look at the web hosting plans, you will see two options over there. You will be offered to choose the operating systems (OS) to host on, whether it is Linux or Windows web servers. To help you to choose the operating system, read the below article which will give you a better idea about Linux OS and Windows OS.

Selecting a better option between Windows and Linux fully depends on your specific needs. Its suggested that you list your requirement before selecting the web hosting plan. It will be easy to compare the needs and the resources available and finalise the hosting package.

Linux and Windows Hosting
Choose your hosting platform

Some people think that if the PC runs windows they will need to buy a windows hosting plan. Actually, it doesn’t matter, if the computer runs on windows, because all computers are able to communicate with Linux or Windows servers.

Linux works very well if you particularly need PHP, Perl or a MySQL database. If you are planning to build a website that needs Microsoft technologies such as ASP scripts, .NET, Microsoft SQL Server then Windows is a highly recommended.

In terms of cost, the Linux variants are available for free or at a much lower price than Microsoft Windows. Windows web hosting usually costs more than Linux web hosting, simply because Microsoft develops and owns Windows operating system.

Although Linux is considered to be more secure than windows, both the operating systems are equally secure. Security really depends more upon the server setup and the administrators running the server.

A small but vital difference between Windows and Linux web hosting servers is naming of the pages. Linux and Windows will usually serve pages in html and JavaScript. However Linux servers have files ending with .html and windows uses .htm.

Both Windows and Linux servers have their own strengths and limitations. Its fully depends on the customer what kind of website they would like to have. Windows users finds that their OS is better over Linux and vice versa. Before jumping to the conclusion, list the needs of your company and accordingly select the best web hosting plan.


Hosting is one of the most competitive industries online today and there are so many web hosting plans available to get your business website online. However, People go for Linux Hosting to get started with a website or a blog. Linux Hosting refers to the Shared Hosting. It is the most popular web hosting service in the industry.

Linux Hosting plans at affordable prices.

WebHostWala is a web hosting company in India offering Shared Linux Hosting plans and Windows Hosting plans at affordable rates. Linux hosting is compatible with PHP, MySQL, Python, CGI and  Pearl. On the other hand in Windows Hosting, it allows the Windows-specific technologies such as ASP, .NET, Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL server (MSSQL).

All other file types, from PHP to Perl to WordPress to MySQL run much more easily on a Linux-based web host. These files still run on a Windows web host, but the Linux platform is designed to work specifically with these data types.

In Linux web hosting, there are different plans available. You can choose the desired web hosting plan based on web space, bandwidth, number of domains and other features. Currently WebHostWala is offering 70% OFF on Linux hosting plans. Get the best service and reliable features at affordable prices.

There are other highlighting features of Shared Linux Hosting such as FREE Cpanel, FREE SSL Certificate, FREE Payment Gateway, 99.99 % Uptime, 30 Day Money Back and best 24/7 technical support. Get your website hosted with the leading web hosting provider in India & take full advantage of the best Linux hosting in the business.

Flat 50% OFF on all the Reseller Hosting Plans

Reseller Hosting plans by WebHostWala to start and grow your web hosting business. Reseller Hosting package with reliable and flexible features. Cheap reseller hosting plans allows you to buy space and bandwidth and resell it to your customers. Start your own web hosting business and become a web hosting provider with your own brand name. Low cost reseller hosting India plans to earn more profit by providing hosting services to end users.

50% OFF on Linux Reseller Hosting India :

Purchase the cheap reseller hosting from WebHostWala and sell them to the customers to gain high profit. You can create sub-packages within the allotted Disk Space and bandwidth of your main hosting package. Linux Reseller Hosting plans to begin your reseller business. Linux reseller India plans are very user friendly. They are flexible with enough resources to get started with new web hosting service.

50% OFF on Windows Reseller Hosting India :

Start making huge profit by reselling the hosting packages to the end users. 50% discount on Windows Reseller hosting India plans to give you an opportunity to become a reseller. Though Linux is the most preferred option in reseller hosting, Windows is still the first choice of a big number of online users. Reseller Windows Hosting packages that supports ASP, ASP.NET, PHP and more.

Host unlimited domain under your reseller hosting package. Budget reseller hosting plans with rich features. WebHostwala offers flexible reseller web hosting plans with easy upgrade feature. Reliable and fully managed hosting plans to earn big profit.