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Using File Manager in Cpanel

Once you are logged into cpanel, go to File Manager. It is used to upload files to your account, delete files, change file permissions and other several functions.

On left side you will see a collapsible list of folders in your account. Click on the “+” sign and select public_html. On the right side you will see list list of all the files withing selected folder on the left side. It is public_html folder where you your website files like pages, images etc should go.

For example lets consider, uploading a sample file cgi script to the cgi-bin folder in the account. Under public_html click on cgi-bin

In order to upload the file, click on upload from the top list. Click on Browse and the select the file to be uploaded. Click on the link below to go back to the File Manager screen. You will see the sample file uploaded in cgi-bin folder in the account.

Click on the sample file uploaded. There are many things you can do in File Manager. For example, Copy file, Move File, Delete, Rename, Edit and View file. It also allows you to change permission. In order to do so, click on change permission and select the boxes as shown in below image.


You will see the permission of the sample file uploaded is changed.

In order to move the file, click on the move file. Select the location where you want to move the file and click on move file. You will see the file has already move to the given location.

File Manager is the easy way to manage website files without using an FTP program.

While Choosing a Appropriate Web Hosting Provider.

Choosing a Web hosting company that will fulfil all your needs is difficult to find, especially when you have lack knowledge about web hosting services. After consulting so many hosting companies, people find it tough to pick the perfect web host.

Web hosting is common now a days, everyone want to get their business online hence searching for appropriate web host. We have lot of web hosting companies in competition offering web hosting plans.

Users who do not have prior experience of web hosting finds it confusing to choose the hosting company. So, there are few features you should look at while choosing a appropriate web hosting provider.

Fast Servers : The servers should be fast and reliable. To take your business to higher level the servers should be efficient with better up time.

Bandwidth: One of the important factor to be considered You should check for the hosting provider giving you the required bandwidth.

Price: The main factor every customer will look for is the price offered by the company. Of course it is not the money, the customer should also look for the features they offer for that package.

Control Panel: The control panel should be easy to use. Go for the hosting provider which gives you user-friendly control panel.

Backup Facilities : It is necessary to find the hosting provider who provides you the backup in case of data get lost. The customers should get the weekly backup.

Security: It is the utmost feature, the web hosting provider should provide. The website should be secured, free from viruses or other technical failures.

Up time: The best web hosting provider should have 100% up-time, load time and customer support so that customer doesn’t get stuck with their query.

Customer Support: The customer should look for a web hosting company which has 24*7 technical support to solve their queries. Support should quick and efficient.

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How to use the Backup Feature in cPanel

Once you are logged into the cPanel, Go to the Backups icon and click on it.


You will see the main backup screen where you can backup, and/or restore the files in your hosting account.


There is daily,weekly and monthly backups available in cPanel. By clicking either of these options, you can download a copy of these backups to your local computer.
There is the manual backup section of the backup screen shown below where there are several ways to backup your files, depending on which files you want to backup.


You can backup Home Directory, MySQL database or only those files in specific sub domains or filters.

We will now see how to perform a full backup and save it to a remote FTP server. On the manual backup section of the backup screen, Click on Generate/Download a Full Backup link. You will get the below page.


Set Backup Destination to Remote FTP Server by using drop-down box.
Enter the Email address where you want a complete report of this backup to be sent. Enter the Remote Server where you want the backup to go.
Enter the FTP Username and the FTP password. Now click on Generate Backup.

You have created full backup to the remote FTP server. Click on Go Back. Again click on Go back.

Follow the below steps to backup the Home Directory. Click on Home Directory. A File Download box appears as shown below.


Click on OK. The Home Directory will be successfully backed up to our local computer. Now in order to restore the backup just made, Click on Browse button under Restore a Home Directory Backup. Locate and select the backup file you wish to restore and Click on Open button. Click the Upload button. The files will be restored.

By using Backups option, you can manually backup your files as often as you wish.

To change WHM password

To know how to login to your WHM panel, click here.

After loging into WHM, click on Password Modification link under Account Function. The WHM password will be the same as of the CPanel password for your main account.



Assume the main account is so lets learn to change it’s password. Under Users select abc123c then enter a new password. Scroll down and click on change button.


The main password used to login to WHM and Cpanel for is successfully changed.

Since we’ve just changed the WHM password, we are required to login again before able to do anything else in WHM.

Click on List Accounts under Account Information, Enter the new WHM password and click OK.


You will be logged back in WHM.


Now you will know how to change your WHM password. Although you can change the passwords for an account in your WHM, you cannot retrieve a lost WHM password. If in case you lose it, you’ll have to contact your reseller plan provider to have it reset or changed.

Getting familiar with the WHM interface

To know how to login to your WHM panel, click here.

WHM is your resellers control panel. The purpose of WHM is to give resellers the control they need to create hosting accounts, delete them, suspend them, upgrade them, and has several other tools to help manage the accounts. Every hosting account created in WHM has its own cPanel, an end user control panel.


In this center frame there are several icons these corresponds to the heading the left frame.

Clicking on an icon will bring up sub-icons that corresponds to all the tools available on the left.


Click the Account Information icon here. Here there are 5 tools available to be used under account information. Click on the corresponding icons to access any of these tools.

You can also click on the menu link from WHM home page. You can scroll down to see the total tools available in WHM.


In News link on top, you will get news from the reseller plan provider, if they use  this feature in WHM.


In change Log link you will get detailed information of your version of WHM, and its historical information about when it was updated and what changes were made.


You should now be much more familiar with WHM, and how to navigate its pages.